Freighter wallet

Freighter is a non-custodial wallet extension that enables you to sign Stellar transactions via your browser. For testing Trilobyte, you will need to use Freighter.

Supported Browsers

To use Freighter, you will need to use Chrome, Brave or FireFox browsers.

Installation on Firefox

  1. Open the FireFox browser and enter the following url Once on that page, click on the Add to Firefox button.

  1. Give permission to add Freighter

  1. Allow the extension to run on private windows

  1. Click on the import wallet button of the Freighter wallet, and enter a recovery phrase for the wallet and a password. You can use any of the recovery phrases available on the Investors test accounts section.

  1. Pin the Freighter extension to the ToolBar

6. Open the Freighter wallet and enable experimental mode under Settings --> Preferences

  1. Check that the Freighter wallet has been switched to Future Net

Installation on Brave/Chrome

  1. Open the Brave or Chrome browsers and add the following url Follow the install installation instructions.

  2. Follow steps 3 to 8 from the Firefox install instructions.

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